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Currents of Contrast: Life in southern Africa's two oceans

Currents of Contrast: Life in southern Africa's two oceans

The striking cover of Currents of Contrast invites the reader to open the book, and to be lost in the various forms of life in southern Africa's two oceans.

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Book title: Currents of Contrast - Life in southern Africa's two oceans
Authors: Thomas P. Peschak; Claudio Velásquez Rojas
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN: 1770070869
Hardcover, dust jacket, 27x30 cm, 200 pages, throughout colour photos


Southern Africa’s coast is the meeting place of two ocean giants – the Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean and the Agulhas of the Indian Ocean. They clash fiercely t the continent’s southern tip, dividing the region into two contrasting marine ecosystems that rank among the richest, most biologically diverse and oceanographically complex on the planet.

The waters of the west coast are fed by the Benguela, a cold current that accounts for the enormous volume of marine life found here, while those of the east coast – warmed by the Agulhas current – are noted for their huge variety of life forms.

Currents of Contrast – Life in Southern Africa’s Two Oceans first introduces the realm of the Benguela, where you will encounter the ocean’s ultimate predator, the great white shark. Here, the nutrient-rich waters wash over rocky reefs, and vast kelp forests thrive, providing food for diverse animals and plants, among them Cape clawless otters. In the realm of the Agulhas, you can explore the Knysna estuary and its most charismatic inhabitant, the Knysna seahorse.

Follow the sardine run on the east coast and witness the suite of predators that feasts on this silver cornucopia. Currents of Contrast is accessible, informative and entertaining, providing the detail and substance that will reward the serious naturalist. Photographs appearing in this book were taken specifically for the publication and many feature behaviour never seen or photographed before.

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