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Aidsafari: A memoir of a South African homosexual's journey with AIDS.
Levin, Adam

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Book title: Aidsafari
Author: Adam Levin
Zebra Press
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 1868729281
Softcover, 13x19 cm, 224 pages


With searing honesty, tender prose and outrageous humour, Adam Levin takes us through the daily trials of living with Aids, travelling from promiscuity and dangerous denial, through the terrors of imminent mortality, to face the realities of his disease. But this book’s power lies not only in its value as a guide for coping with life-threatening illnesses, but in the rich quality of the narrative. Levin journeyed to remote, unimagined places to write The Wonder Safaris, but it is his AIDSAFARI – the frightening, internal journey that kept him on his sickbed for two years – that ultimately reveals his raw honesty, indomitable passion and remarkable insights about love, lostness and life, and how rarely it fails to surprise us.

Adam Levin is a 36-year-old, white, gay, South African author, journalist and fashionista. A winner of two Mondi Gold Awards for Journalism, he trained as a staffer for Style magazine, before travelling through some 20 African countries. These journeys resulted in a hugely popular collection, The Wonder Safaris, published by Struik in 2003. His next book, The Art of African Shopping, published in 2005, details his adventures as a trader and explores the magic of African crafts, fashion, food and music. Aidsafari is his third, and most personal book.

Media Reviews:

Pretoria News
"Aidsafari's power lies not only in its value as a guide for coping with life-threatening illnesses, but also in the rich qulity of the narrative."

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