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Ugab Menhir 4x4 Trail

Ugab Menhir 4x4 Trail

A plain guide to 4x4 trails and sightseeings of the Namibian Ugab Menhir region.
Henties Bay Tourism

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Title: Ugab Menhir 4x4 Trail
Editor: Henties Bay Tourism
Genre: Region guide
Henties Bay, Namibia (no date)
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 8 pages, some colour photos, 1 map sketch


This is a plain guide booklet to 4x4 routes and sight seeings of the region Ugab Menhir in Namibia, published by Henties Bay Tourism. The following text is an extract: Game such as springbuck, gemsbok, ostrich and the Hartman's mountain zebra is likely to be seen on the route, while Welwitschia mirabilis, bushman's candle, dollar bush, the Namib Tsamma and various saltbush species are some of the more interesting desert plants to be seen. Dry watercourses criss-cross through a myriad of black turbidite rocks that are part of the Damara Sequence and were deposited about 900 - 700 million years ago by large inland rivers as many layers of mud deep into an early ocean. With the collision of the continents about 100 million years later, these deep-sea muds became folded and compressed and were eventually laid bare by erosion through the ages. Amidst these turbidite rocks a megalith curiously stands as a solitary rock in the stark desert landscape, about the height of a man, referred to as the Ugab Menhir. The most striking of the rock formations are certainly the so-called petrified ghosts, consisting of pitted granite rock that became eroded by physical and chemical weathering to form toadstool- and hollow ghostlike structures. […]

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