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Omaruru River 4x4 Trail

Omaruru River 4x4 Trail

A plain guide to 4x4 routes and sightseeings of the Omaruru River in Namibia.
Henties Bay Tourism

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Title: Omaruru River 4x4 Trail
Editor: Henties Bay Tourism
Genre: Region guide
Henties Bay, Namibia (no date)
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 16 pages, some colour photos, 1 map sketch


This is a plain guide to 4x4 trails and sight seeings of the region Omaruru River in Namibia, published by Henties Bay Tourism. The following text is an extract: Although this trail is at its most interesting during the rainy season from January to April, it is important to make certain that the river is dry enough before embarking on the trail. Heavy downpours inland can cause the river to come down unexpectedly, trapping the unsuspecting traveller. The best time to undertake such a trip is during April, at the end of the rainy season. The Spitzkoppe, an inselberg in the eastern part of the Namib, is probably the best known and most famous landmark in Namibia. Known as the Matterhorn of Africa, the majestic form of the Spitzkoppe towers 1,784 metres above the flat surrounding plains. Immediately to the east lies the dome shaped Pondok Mountain, pondok being the Afrikaans word for hut. About 10 km southwest, lies the 1,572 metre high Kleine Spitzkoppe. The Spitzkoppe is a very popular challenge for local as well as foreign mountaineers and mountaineering equipment is needed for any attempt to reach the top. This 4x4 trail runs past the Spitzkoppe and down the Omaruru River with its rich riverine vegetation. […]

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