Für Südafrika sind die Grenzen zwischen Themen der Gesellschaft zu allgemein sozialen fließend. Hier bieten wir Ihnen Bücher an, die vorwiegend auf Bevölkerungs- oder Gesellschaftsgruppen Südafrikas zutreffen.

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Gareth Cliff on Everything

In Gareth Cliff on Everything, the author throws caution to the wind and writes about all those subjects that make him glad, sad or simply mad. Mehr erfahren
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Resident Alien

Resident Alien is a provocative and engaging collection of the best of Rian Malan's writings. Mehr erfahren
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The Communistisation of the ANC

The Communistisation of the ANC talks the history and presence of communism in South Africa and the ANC istself. Mehr erfahren
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Carte Blanche 25 Years. The Stories Behind the Stories

Carte Blanche burst onto the scene 25 years ago as a genre never before seen on South African television and tells the stories behind the stories. Mehr erfahren
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Springbok Factory. What it takes to be a Bok

Thousands dream of playing Rugby for South Africa. Springbok Factory tells what it takes to make it as a Bok. Mehr erfahren
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The Great African Society

Compelling thesis, hard-hitting, thoughtful analysis of South Africa's past, present and future, a sobering assessment of where we stand today, and where we need to go. Mehr erfahren
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17,95 € *

A Rumour of Spring. South Africa after 20 Years of Democracy

A Rumour of Spring is a critical view on society and politics in South Africa after 20 years of democracy. Mehr erfahren
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The Zuma Years. South Africa's Changing Face of Power

The Zuma Years is a fly-on-the-wall, insider's approach to South Africa's changing face and the people who control the power. Mehr erfahren
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24,80 € *

Save me from the Lion's Mouth: Exposing Human-Wildlife Conflict in Africa

Save Me From the Lion's Mouth investigates the increasing conflict between people and wildlife in Africa. Mehr erfahren
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16,80 € *

The Springboks and the Holy Grail

The Springboks and the Holy Grail is the epic story of South Africa’s amazing quests for the Rugby World Cup, 1995-2007. Mehr erfahren
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Eish, but is it English? Celebrating the South African variety

Eish, but is it English? explores the influence of Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa and other languages on English as it is spoken in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Rat Roads

If you only read one book about Rwanda and its infamous genocide, make it Jacques Pauw's Rat Roads! Mehr erfahren
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The Art of Losing. Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup

The Art of Losing explains why the Proteas have never won a single knockout match at a Cricket World Cup. Mehr erfahren
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17,80 € *

Steeped in Blood

Steeped in Blood reports on bloody crimes of passion, political assassinations, sinister poisonings, investment fraud and mass mining disasters. Mehr erfahren
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The poisoned chalice

The Poisoned Chalice takes a deep look at the the rise and fall of the post-isolation Springbok rugby coaches in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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18,50 € *

Robben Island: A place of Inspiration. Mandela's Prison Island

Robben Island, best known as Nelson Mandela's prison, here is introduced in various facetts. Mehr erfahren
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Mandela: In Celebration of a Great Life

This is the newest, posthumously published edition of Mandela: In Celebration of a Great Life. Mehr erfahren
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The rise of the Phoenix. The story of Sport in the new South Africa

The rise of the Phoenix is an account on South Africa's post-isolation Sport history in golfing, swimming, rugby, cricket, mountaineering, motocross and many other sports. Mehr erfahren
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Missing & Murdered

The report Missing & Murdered, a personal adventure in Forensic Anthropologie, is a facinating introduction to old, and not so old, bones. Mehr erfahren
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The Griekwastad Murders

This is a full account on the Griekwastad Murders, which occurred on 6 April 2012, on the Naauwhoek farm in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth

Byleveld: Dossier of a Serial Sleuth focusses on Piet's years as a South African detective and the disturbing cases he has been involved in. Mehr erfahren
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Hierdie geïllustreerde boek is 'n fotografiese stedelike portret van Orania, 'n kultuur-homogene plek van Afrikaner leefstyl in te midde van Suid-Afrika. Mehr erfahren
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This illustrated book is a photographic account on and urban portrait of Orania, a culturally homogeneous place of Afrikaner lifestyle in midst of South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Orania. Ein Dokumentarfilm

Orania ist ein Dokumentarfilm über eine umstrittene Form gelebten Anspruchs auf kulturelle Identität und Selbstbestimmung in Südafrika. Mehr erfahren
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