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Field Guide to the Cradle of Humankind

This Field Guide to the Cradle of Humankind caused a considerable stir among professionals in the field of palaeoanthropology and sparked a flurry of newspaper articles, journal articles and general debate. Mehr erfahren
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A Guide to Sterkfontein and the Cradle of Humankind

This most interesting guide introduces the palaeo-anthropological sites of Sterkfontein and Gladysvale in South Africa as cradle of humankind. Mehr erfahren
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How on Earth?

How on Earth? sets out to answer puzzles in nature and the environment of Africa and the world. Mehr erfahren
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Die versunkenen Schätze der Bom Jesus

Das Wrack der portugiesischen Karavelle 'Bom Jesus' wurde 2008 an der Küste von Namibia entdeckt. Mehr erfahren
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Murder at Angra Pequeña

Murder at Angra Pequeña is the true story of an incident that happened in 1863 in South West Africa. Mehr erfahren
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In a Different Time. The Inside Story Of The Delmas Four

In a Different Time tells the story of four young South Africans (Delmas Four) who kill for political reasons. Mehr erfahren
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Of Tricksters, Tyrants and Turncoats

Of Tricksters, Tyrants and Turncoats spans more than three hundred years of South African history. Mehr erfahren
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Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy. A short, short history of South Africa

A high quality production with sumptuous illustrations and good maps, Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy - A short, short history of South Africa, is a coat pocket history book. Mehr erfahren
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Dingo Firestorm. The greatest battle of the Rhodesian Bush War

Dingo Firestorm is a fresh, gripping recreation of a major battle in southern African military history and Rhodesian Bush War. Mehr erfahren
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Brothers in Arms: Hollanders in the Anglo-Boer War

Brothers in Arms covers the full spectrum of the Hollanders’ roles as soldiers at the various battle fronts of the Anglo-Boer War. Mehr erfahren
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Mailships of the Union-Castle Line

Spanning the period 1857-1977, Mailships of the Union-Castle Line is the story of the mail service between Britain and South Africa and its concomitant cargo and passenger services. Mehr erfahren
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Life and Works: Charles Michell

Life and Works is a detailed researched account of the life and work of Charles Michell, the first surveyor-general and civil engineer of the South African Cape Colony. Mehr erfahren
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Hani: A Life Too Short

Hani: A Life Too Short provides a detailed account of the life of a great South African. Mehr erfahren
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Nelson Mandela: The Authorised Comic

This is the authorised comic about the life story of Nelson Mandela. Mehr erfahren
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The Super-Afrikaners. Inside the Afrikaner Broederbond

The Super-Afrikaners, originally published in 1978, scandalised South Africa as it exposed the secret workings of the Afrikaner Broederbond. Mehr erfahren
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Assegais, Drums and Dragoons. A Military and Social History of the Cape

Assegais, Drums and Dragoons: A Military and Social History of the Cape is a well-researched and fascinating account that now illuminates a previously lightless corner of South African military history. Mehr erfahren
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The Rise and Fall of Apartheid

This is an authorative, balanced and lucid history of the rise and fall of Apartheid in South Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Apartheid. An Illustrated History

This illustrated history displays how South Africa is still living an apartheid narrative, and even, in perverse ways, is recreating it. Mehr erfahren
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The Devil in the Detail

The Devil in the Detail, destined to explode onto the political landscape of South Africa, will unveil a series of scandals, outrages and criminal networks. Mehr erfahren
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Old Towns and Villages of the Cape

This is the first comprehensive study of the physical history of the old towns and villages of the former Cape Colony. Mehr erfahren
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The Communistisation of the ANC

The Communistisation of the ANC talks the history and presence of communism in South Africa and the ANC istself. Mehr erfahren
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Südafrika im Weltkriege. Der Zusammenbruch in Deutsch-Südwestafrika

Südafrika im Weltkriege. Der Zusammenbruch in Deutsch-Südwestafrika wurde im Original 1920 herausgegeben. Mehr erfahren
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The Hidden Thread. Russia and South Africa in the Soviet Era

The Hidden Thread investigates the relatitonship between Russia and South Africa in the Soviet Era. Mehr erfahren
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At the Fireside: True Southern African Stories

At the Fireside tells true Southern African stories and tales of people, places, patriots, battles and heroes. Mehr erfahren
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