Namibia Kinderbücher unterscheiden sich in Art, Aufmachung, Zweck und Sprache. Ein eigener Eindruck schafft schnell Gewißheit, was für die eigenen Kinder geeignet scheint.

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Landy at the Factory

Landy at the Factory, a special edition of Landy Series, is a tribute to all those people who have ever worked in the production of Defender at Solihull. Mehr erfahren
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Landy's New Home

In Landy’s New Home we learn how Jack and Landy set up their smallholding and make homes for all the animals. Mehr erfahren
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12,80 € *

Fender and the Cliff Rescue

Dan and Fender watch lifesavers and a helicopter rescue a little girl from the sea and then are called into action when Jack’s dog Molly needs to be rescued from a cliff. Mehr erfahren
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12,80 € *

Landy (Landy Series)

Landy has been left abandoned for many years until, one day, Jack finds him. Come and join them as they start their new life together and by that start the Landy Series of children's books. Mehr erfahren
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Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems

Many Namibian authors have contributed to the book Every December. Namibian Christmas: Stories, Reflections, Poems. Mehr erfahren
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The Little Weaver Bird

The Little Weaver Bird is a delightfully illustrated children's book from Namibia. Mehr erfahren
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Ondjamba und sein großer Freund: Eine Geschichte aus der Wüste Namibias

Der Elefant Ondjamba und sein großer Freund: ein ansprechend und wertig gemachtes Namibia-Kinderbuch. Mehr erfahren
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18,99 € *

Elves and Feathered Friends

Elves and Feathered Friends is a beautifully illustrated book, allowing children to journey into a phantasy world comprising a mix of fabled creatures and Namibian animals, birds and plants. Mehr erfahren
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19,95 € *

Children in Etosha

Children in Etosha is a nicely made and well written children's book, suitable to children from 8 to 12 years old. Mehr erfahren
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24,80 € *

Das weiße Schiff in der Wüste

Das weiße Schiff in der Wüste: eine Namibia-Geschichte für Kinder. Mehr erfahren
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