Unter den Säugetieren in Namibia finden sich neben den "Big Five" eine Vielzahl kleiner, oft kaum bekannter und nicht minder interessanter Arten.

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Smithers' Mammals of Southern Africa

Smithers’ Mammals is an authoritative and popular guide to the mammals of Southern Africa: Fully revised & updated edition. Mehr erfahren
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In Search of the African Lion

In Search of the African Lion focuses on four main areas: the Kalahari, the Madikwe/Mapungubwe area, the Greater Kruger National Park and Northern Zululand. Mehr erfahren
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Save me from the Lion's Mouth: Exposing Human-Wildlife Conflict in Africa

Save Me From the Lion's Mouth investigates the increasing conflict between people and wildlife in Africa. Mehr erfahren
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Sounds of the African Bush

Sounds of the African Bush consits of a CD with 76 African animal calls and a book with full-colour photographs, maps and species descriptions. Mehr erfahren
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