Gemsbok Bean & Kalahari Truffle

The Gemsbok Bean and the Kalahari Truffle are traditional plants used by Jul'hoansi in North-Eastern Namibia.
Leffers, Arno
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Book title: Gemsbok Bean & Kalahari Truffle
Author: Arno Leffers
Support: Deutscher Entwicklungshilfedienst
Publisher: Gamsberg Macmillan
Windhoek, Namibia 2003
ISBN: 999160491X
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 202 pages, 450 colour photos


This botanical field guide provides concise and easy to read descriptions of the distinctive features 238 interesting plants occurring in the region and highlights their traditional uses. The text is illustrated by some 450 full-colour photographs. The NyaeNyae area in the eastern part of the Tsumkwe Constituency is home to one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures on the African continent the Jul'hoansi.

Over thousands of years, their traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle aid the need to make do with what nature provides have led them to acquire a wealth of knowledge on their natural surroundings and develop a close relationship with their environment. The NyaeNyae area - one of the most interesting and least visited in Namibia holds an enormous variety of habitats, which is reflected in a rich and diverse flora.

Documenting the wisdom and the experience of the indigenous people, it will no doubt contribute to preserving this part of the San people's heritage for future generations. Arno Letters, the author of the book, is a development worker with the German Development Service (DED) that cooperates with the Directorate of Forestry in the implementation of the Community Forestry Programme. He lived in Tsumkwe for three years and became very familiar with the San population in the area.

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