Get Bushwise: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld - A Young Explorer's Guide

Get Bushwise: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld guides to three important southern African natural arenas, and will engage young explorers from cover to cover.
Clarke, Nadine
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Title: Get Bushwise
Subtitle: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld: A Young Explorer's Guide
Authors: Nadine Clark
Illustrations: Sally MacLarty, Jesse Breytenbach
Publisher: Random House Struik (Struik Nature)
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781431702060 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0206-0
Softcover, 21 x 28 cm, 192 pages, 600 photographs and illustrations


This combined edition originally was published in the 'Get Bushwise' series as three separate volumes, A Bushveld Safari (2002), A River Safari (2004) and A Desert Safari (2007). Get Bushwise: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld introduces readers to a remarkable array of creatures, many with unique characteristics and patterns of behaviour that enable them to survive in their particular environment. In each adventure, a local guide takes readers through the landscape and its inhabitants, uncovering many mysteries along the way. Keep an eye out for BB, the Bushwise Beetle who leaves 'Did you know...?' facts throughout the book. BB is a dung beetle. Just as she collects dung and gathers it into a ball in which to lay her precious eggs, so you can collect all the information in this book of discovery and use it wisely. Some chapters feature activities, which are fun things that you can try at home. When you see words shown in red letters, you can find out what these words mean by looking in the glossary. Let's go and GET BUSHWISE! Journey into three exciting wilderness areas and discover the fascinating animals, plants and people that make these areas their home. Discover the secrets of survival and explore the hidden treasures of southern Africa's wild places.