Birds to Watch in Namibia: Red, Rare and Endemic Species

Birds to Watch in Namibia is the first guide detailing all of Namibia’s threatened (red), endemic and rare species of birds.
Simmons, Rob; Brown, Christopher J.; Kemper, Jessica
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Title: Birds to Watch in Namibia
Subtitle: Red, Rare and Endemic Species
Authors: Rob Simmons, Christopher J. Brown; Jessica Kemper
Publishers: Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Namibia Nature Foundation Windhoek, Namibia 2015
ISBN 9789994500826 / ISBN 978-9-9945-0082-6
Softcover, 21 x 28 cm, 320 pages, throughout colour photos

About: Birds to Watch in Namibia: Red, Rare and Endemic Species

Seventy one of the 687 bird species recorded in Namibia to date were found to be either threatened (48 species) or near-threatened (23 species). About 75% of Namibia's Red Data birds fall into one or more of the following four categories, and each category has a few common reasons why these species are declining: Wetland birds, wetland encroachment and degradation, loss of riparian forest and woodland, reduction in water quality and quantity, and disturbance; Seabirds, shortage of food through over-fishing, birds caught on long-line baited hooks, and birds colliding with, and being pulled under by, trawler net cables; Scavenging birds, collateral poisoning on farmlands by baits set to kill mammalian predators and deliberate poisoning by commercial poachers; Large typically wetland and ground dwelling birds, vulnerable to collision with power transmission lines.

By addressing these root causes, the conservation status of these groups of birds can be significantly improved. The threats and priority actions needed to address the threats are set out for each of the 71 Red Data species (Chapter 2 of Birds to Watch in Namibia: Red, Rare and Endemic Species). There are 16 endemic and near-endemic bird species in Namibia. Namibia has a special responsibility for their long-term conservation (Amber species). Three of these are Red Data species while the other 13 are not considered to be of conservation concern and are covered in Chapter 3 of Birds to Watch in Namibia: Red, Rare and Endemic Species. Chapter 4 deals with 108 species that are not threatened according to IUCN Red Data criteria, but occur in small numbers, most on Namibia's northern or southern borders, and should be monitored as they are key indicators of the health of their respective habitats and ecosystems.

Content: Birds to Watch in Namibia: Red, Rare and Endemic Species

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