Assignment Selous Scouts

Assignment Selous Scouts is the inside story of a Rhodesian Special Branch Officer and tells the story of a policeman attached to the famous Selous Scouts in Rhodesia.
Parker, Jim
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Book title: Assignment Selous Scouts
Subtitle: Inside Story of a Rhodesian Special Branch Officer
Author: Jim Parker
Type: War memoires
Publisher: Galago
2nd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781919854144 / ISBN 978-1-919854-14-4
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 322 pages, many b/w photos, 10 maps and diagrams, English text


In 1968 Jim Parker attested in the British South Africa Police as a patrol officer, leaving five years later with the rank of section officer to pursue a career as a sugar farmer in Rhodesia ’s lowveld. When the bush war on the eastern border heated up in 1976 he was already a Police Reserve Section Officer. His intimate local knowledge of the Chiredzi area led top him providing an invaluable contribution by assisting with the initial military deployments, this resulted in him being invited to join the exclusive Special Branch unit attached to the Selous Scouts. While serving with them he was extensively involved in the hunt for ZANLA guerrillas, the operational directing, briefing and debriefing of both Selous Scouts and Special branch pseudo guerrilla teams as well as biological and chemical warfare. It is a story of war, small fighting actions, major raids into enemy territory and of strikes and counterstrikes. His access to contemporaneous notes and a wealth of official documents including a record of every contact with guerrillas during the Bush War brings this amazing book alive and adds to its solid authenticity.

Content: Assignment Selous Scouts

Photographs, in-text illustrations and maps
Place name changes since Zimbabwe's Independence
My early days
Bush War's progression
Formation of the Selous Scouts
Farming and war
Operation Thrasher and ZANLA's new war strategy
Operation Repulse: ZANLA's operational areas
The war intensifies
Shangaan Army: 1976
Selous Scouts' cross-border raids
War and politics
Operation Mardon: attack on ZANLA bases in Gaza Province: Oct 1976
Poisoning water holes
Operation Mányatela and other operations: January 1977
Operation Repulse: January to July 1977
I join Special Branch Selous Scouts: mid 1977
Pseudo operatives and Special Branch
Operation Virile: raid on Dombe/'Posta Gogoi/Espungabera: Nov 1977
Rhodesia's chemical and biological warfare programme
Cholera and anthrax
Changes in black and white politics
And the war goes on: 1978
Operation Favour
Covert operations: 1978
Operations and rumours: 1978-1979
Goodbye Rhodesia, hello Zimbabwe-Rhodesia: 1979
No win war, but we still fight on
Lancaster House and all that
Still no way to win, but we still fight on: Aug to Dec 1979
Operations Quartz and Hectic: Mugabe must not come to power
After the cease-fire
To Quartz or not to Quartz. Or was it Hectic?
Selous Scouts: Election run-up
General elections: February-March 1980
Operation Quartz: The final phase
After the polling was over
South Africa's post-election agenda
After the war was over
South Africa's déstabilisation of Zimbabwe
The persecutors
Euphoria to doom and gloom

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