The Afrikaners. Biography of a people

The biography of the Afrikaner people in South Africa from the first European settlement to the present day.
Giliomee, Hermann
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Title: The Afrikaners
Subtitle: Biography of a people

Author: Hermann Giliomee
C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd
United Kingdom, London 2011
ISBN 9781849041485 / ISBN 978-1-84904-148-5
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 752 pages, 8-page photo display


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It is seldom that a serious academic history has a resonance far beyond the interests of a specialised readership, but here we have a work that has relevance on a number of levels. First, it is the most complete record of the rise, the meaning and the struggle for survival, under dramatic circumstances, of one of a small handful of new languages and language movements in modern history. Second, as the saga unfolds it illuminates and penetrates the equally dramatic texture of a complex, troubled and stirring encounter between world powers and the peoples of one of the world's most interesting emerging economies - South Africa in bondage and liberation. Third, for all South Africans and all those interested in the country, it exposes realities largely obscured by the moral and ideological biases of very many other analyses. Finally, for Afrikaans-speakers in all their current stress and confusion, The Afrikaners: Biography of a people offers an honest basis for the re-discovery of identity and meaning in the new freedom for all South Africans

Content: The Afrikaners. Biography of a people

Humble Beginnings
Company Burghers
Fractious Frontiersmen
Masters, Slaves and Servants: The Fear of Gelykstelling
The Eastern Frontier Cauldron
Settling in the Deep Interior
The Queen's Afrikaners
The Crucible of War
The Quest for a 'White Man's Country'
Wretched folk, ready for any mischief: Poor Whites and Militant Workers
To stop being agterryers': The Assertion of a New Afrikaner Identity
Fusion and War
The Making of a Radical Survival Plan
Holding the Fort
Surrender Without Defeat
A New South Africa