Zoo Park: A History. Documentation of the former Zoo Park (1887-1958) in the center of Windhoek.

The original Zoo Park architecture (1887-1958) has vanished. The Zoo Park is located in the center of Windhoek, this is its history documentation.
Lau, Brigitte; Stern, Christel
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Book title: Zoo Park. A History
Subtitle: Documentation of the former Zoo Park (1887-1958) in the center of Windhoek.
Authors: Christel Stern; Brigitte Lau
Series: Archeia Windhoek Archives Publication Series, No. 12
Publisher: Archives Service Division of the Department of National Education, SWA/Namibia
Windhoek, 1989
Original softcover, 21x30 cm, 24 pages, 39 bw-photos, 1 plan


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As one walks down the main street of Namibia's capital in 1987 a hive of activity meets the eye, especially in the region of the Zoo Park. Thoughts of the past flash through the mind, and a curiosity as to what was, is and will be, fleetingly occupies the observer. With this publication the Namibia National Archives endeavours to present to the inhabitants of Windhoek an insight into a part of the city's history by selecting relevant documents which reflect the fate of its Zoo Park.

As far as possible documents were reproduced verbatim so as to let them speak for themselves. Discerning readers will notice that questions remain. This is partly due to the existing gaps in the documentation, which one day might be filled by further extensive research. A special effort was made to include a maximum of visual material, in the form of photographs, depicting without words the changes in the heart of the town's centre.