Ancestral Voices

Ancestral Voices is a famous South African novel about rigid and fatal familiy conventions.
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Title: Ancestral Voices
Author: Etienne van Heerden
Genre: South Africa Novel
Publisher: Viking Penguin
New York, USA 1992
ISBN 0670828319 / ISBN 0-670-82831-9
Original hardcover, original dustjacket, 14 x 22 cm, 260 pages


Acceptable. Markings on dustjacket. Inside clean with pupil's ink markings on some pages. No collector's item but a very priceworthy reading copy.


For more than one hundred years the Moolmans have farmed the land of the eastern Cape. In that time they have developed an ethic as unyielding as the soil itself. The Moolmans have no tolerance for betrayal: parents cut children out of their lives without a second thought and never mention their names again. And sometimes, perhaps, an offending child suffers a more thorough kind of annihilation. Or so it appears when Noah, a boy who seemed not entirely of this world, dies tragically and mysteriously. When a magistrate is sent to investigate Noah's death, he uncovers a case whose complexities threaten the very foundations of the law. For judging Noah's killer means judging an entire dynasty, both the living and the dead. As recounted in this haunting novel, Noah's death and the ensuing inquest transcend the conventions of the murder mystery. In its stark portrayal of a suicidally insular clan, Ancestral Voices gives us a vision of the Afrikaner inheritance.