Agent 407: A South African Spy Breaks Her Silence

Agent 407 is a riveting and true South African spy story set in the last years of the apartheid system.
Forsyth, Olivia
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Title: Agent 407
Subtitle: A South African Spy Breaks Her Silence
Author: Olivia Forsyth
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers SA
Cape Town; Johannesburg; South Africa, 2015
ISBN 9781868426652 / ISBN 978-1-86842-665-2
Hardcover, 16 x 24 cm, 333 pages, numerous b/w and colour photos


In last years of the apartheid system, a most extraordinary story hit South Africa's headlines. Agent Olivia Forsyth had escaped from ANC imprisonment in Angola. Upon her return home she was feted as a hero by the government. In a flurry of media appearances and press releases, Forsyth claimed to have infiltrated the ANC and passed on vital information. Is that what really happened? In the world of espionage, truth is the first victim and nothing is as it seems. Here, for the first time and in her own words, South Africa's most notorious apartheid spy lays bare the story of her life. Olivia Forsyth was also known as agent RS407, codename Lara, lieutenant in the Security Branch of the South African Police, ANC comrade Helen Bronson, prisoner Thandeka, alias Christine Smith. Forsyth is the mother of two daughters and currently lives with her husband in Italy. Agent 407: A South African Spy Breaks Her Silence is her attempt to set the record straight.

Content: Agent 407. A South African Spy Breaks Her Silence

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