A Beginner's Guide to Ageing

A Beginner's Guide to Ageing is for those who have reached a really big birthday; to serve as a bridging mechanism for those on their way there.
Fischer, Jean
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Title: A Beginner's Guide to Ageing
Author: Jean Fischer
Publisher: Wordweaver Publishing House
Windhoek, Namibia 2012
ISBN 9789991687889 / ISBN 978-99916-878-8-9
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 151 pages


A Beginner's Guide to Ageing is for those who have reached a really big birthday; to serve as a bridging mechanism for those on their way there; or for those merely contemplating the human condition in a general sort of way. I wrote this book for those who believe in the resilience of the human spirit and the desire to realise and celebrate its endless potential - like a sunflower seeking the sun. After a few years of research into aging - that inescapable part of the human condition - I've come to the most amazing conclusion. This book is not about ageing at all. It's about living, as we extract every moment of contentment from our senior status and come into the gorgeous full bloom of maturity. Let's sit together to talk about the most meaningful time of our lives.

We live in an imperfect world - it always has been and probably always will be. It's a complex, fast-changing and sometimes scary world, but an indisputably beautiful one. Let's find ways to search for nuggets of happiness and contentment. These can be large or small - it all depends on how hard you're looking. There is one commodity that money cannot buy: a healthy and positive attitude. It's the key to fulfillment; to a better quality of life; to being a more likeable person to oneself and to others. It's also a matter of doing away with the well-worn stereotypes to do with ageing, to nurture our hopes and dreams and have the courage to seek new horizons. After all, we senior citizens should regard ourselves as the superglue holding the generations together.

There's no need for us to be on the back burner of life. My intention when writing this little book was also to take a lighter look at ageing - a walk on the sunny side of the street. Hopefully it will foster a sense of tranquility, and the realisation that ageing is not a cul-de-sac but merely another milestone on the highway of life. A blend of humour, balance and common sense is an unbeatable combination with which to explore the world. Add a lightness of spirit and a quest for beauty, and we become travellers of the stars of the imagination. The patina of age will add interest and stature to our lives as we continue to smile at the world. My career as a journalist and feature writer spans fifty years. A Beginner's Guide to Ageing is my first book. I live in Omaruru, Namibia, with my husband, a cat and two horses.

Content: A Beginner's Guide to Ageing

Time of our Lives
Transition Time
Sex and the Over-Sixties
As Good as it Gets
Use it or Lose it
Exercise in later life
Eat, Drink and be Healthy
As I was Saying,
Reaching for the Stars
Conversation with Barry
Love in the Afternoon
A Pensioner's Paradise
An Ageless Poet
Remembering the Good Things
Waiting for the Rain
Man on a Tightrope
A Celebration of Life
A Place in the Sun
Upsides of Aging
Golden Oldies
Living it Up
Nearest and Dearest
Life partners
New partners
The in-laws
In Search of Serenity