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The Rain Goddess

The Rain Goddess

The Rain Goddess is an explosive novel based on facts and set in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in the mid 1960s and early 1970s.
Stiff, Peter

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Author: Peter Stiff
Publisher: Galago
Rev. edition, Cape Town 2003
ISBN 9781919854069
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 256 pages, English

Ein als Roman getarnter Erlebnisbericht ein rhodesischen Offiziers aus dem inofiziellen Buschkrieg gegen die kommunistisch unterstütze Guerilla in den nordöstlichen Grenzregionen des heutigen Simbabwe.


In the late 1960s Peter Stiff was a senior officer in the British South Africa Police of Rhodesia. Internal insurgency combined with major armed guerrilla incursions from Zambia had commenced, but the government played them down to the public at large.

Stiff did not subscribe to the view that the public should be kept in the dark. After resigning his commission in 1972 he wrote The Rain Goddess, a 'fictional' account of the bush war based on his own experiences and those of his former police comrades.

It was impossible to write it as non fiction because this would have carried the sanction of a prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. The Rain Goddess served its intended purpose and alerted an amazed Rhodesian public to the undeclared war then raging on its doorstep. The Rain Goddess is widely recognised as the classic book on the Rhodesian Bush War.