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Shoreline. Discovering South Africa's Coast

Shoreline. Discovering South Africa's Coast

Shoreline: Discovering South Africa's Coast is a blend of natural history, archaeology and human stories.
Loubser, J.; Hayward, J.

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Editor: Jaco Loubser; Jeannie Hayward
Photographer: Claudio Velasquez Rojas
Publisher: Random House Struik
Cape Town, 2010
ISBN 9781770077942
Hardcover, 28x30 cm, 192 pages, throughout colour photographs

Ein herrlich unterhaltender Überblick über die 2800 km lange Küste Südafrikas! Hier kommen Landeskunde, Gesichte und Geschichten zusammen.


South Africa's coast stretches for some 2800 kilometres from the arid Diamond Coast in the west to the subtropical border with Mozambique in the east.

Washed by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, and influenced by powerful currents, the line where land meets sea provides a diverse habitat for flora and fauna alike and also reveals intriguing traces of some of Africa's earliest human settlements.

Shoreline - Discovering South Africa's Coast, a groundbreaking blend of natural history, archaeology and human stories, takes readers on an unforgettable odyssey through some of the most majestic spots on the planet.

Shoreline presents our splendid coast in magnificent detail - with aerial photography and lively text that draws on the insights and research of a broad range of scientists, interweaving three main themes:

The amazing adaptations made by plants and animals to challenging conditions; the fascinating and varied history of human activity along the coast; and the archaeological discoveries that are shedding light on the very dawn of modern human behaviour.