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The Wildlife of Southern Africa

The Wildlife of Southern Africa

An excellent universal field guide to the wildlife of Southern Africa.

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The Wildlife of Southern Africa

Book title: The wildlife of Southern Africa
Author: Vincent Carruthers
Struik Publishers
Reprint, Cape Town, South Africa 2008
ISBN 9781770077041
Softcover, 14x21 cm, 310 pages, countless colour illustrations


The Wildlife of Southern Africa is the first field guide to combine the animals and plants of the region in one easy-to-use volume.

This is the ideal companion for all who venture into the outdoors - visitors to game parks, hikers, holiday-makers, birders, game viewers and gardeners.

The Wildlife of Southern Africa embraces over 2000 carefully selected plants and animals, large and small, that are likely to be encountered during a visit to any part of the region.

It is ideal for all nature lovers, with over 1200 species illustrated and many more identifiable from the text by reference to similar species.

Each chapter has been written by a leading expert in the field, most of whom have published major works in their own right. Each group is colour-coded for easy reference:

• Lower invertebrates
• Spiders and other arachnids
• Insects
• Freshwater fishes
• Frogs
• Reptiles
• Birds
• Mammals
• Grasses, sedges, ferns and fungi
• Wild flowers
• Trees

About the author:

Vincent Carruthers is a well-known environmentalist and author. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious Stevenson-Hamilton Medal by the Zoological Society of southern Africa for his contribution as an amateur zoologist.

He co-authored South African Frogs - A complete Guide and was compiling editor of the highly successful The Wildlife of Southern Africa.

He is a Director of the North West Parks and Tourism Board, Delta Environmental Centre and the Sustainable Tourism Research Institute. He is a past Executive Director of the Wildlife and Environment Society and Chairman of BirdLife South Africa.