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Grasses of Namibia

Grasses of Namibia

Updated and revised edition of an unique guide that describes all species of grasses of Namibia.
Müller, M.A.N.

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Book title: Grasses of Namibia
Author: M.A.N. Müller
Revision: Johan van Eck
Publisher: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry
Windhoek, Namibia 2007
ISBN 086976201
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 320 pages, countless bw-line drawings


This very popular book Grasses of Namibia by the late Dr. Mike Müller was first published in 1988. The new edition increases the number of grasses covered to 135 species and subspecies. It is used by farmers, extension workers, scientists and students alike.


The aim of this updated publication is to provide much-needed information on the grazeable vegetation of Namibia. The majority of these grasses are important agriculturally - whether as pioneers, subclimax or climax grasses. Pioneer grasses are usually annuals that have the ability to establish themselves in unfavourable conditions on bare or over-grazed land, and in doing so to make the environment more conducive to the subsequent establishment of perennial grasses.

As the veld recovers it progresses through several stages of stabilisation in which the subclimax grasses play a role, until a stage is reached when climax grasses begin to appear. This climax stage is the ideal condition and the one towards which management should always be directed. A real attempt has been made to ensure that this publication is both practical and appealing. An updated and improved key for the identification of those grass genera included in this book has been provided.