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Cape Town. Tavern of the Seas

Cape Town. Tavern of the Seas

Cape Town - Tavern of the Seas is an early celebration of Cape Town, characterised by the nostalgia of memory fading into oblivion.
Green, Lawrence G.

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Author: Lawrence G. Green
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 1999
ISBN 978191854120
Soft cover, 15x21 cm, 205 pages, numerous bw-photos, maps, English

Der besondere Reiz des wunderbaren Buches „Cape Town: Tavern of the Seas“ ist mit dem alter Heimatfilme und –romane vergleichbar und Erinnerung und Nostalgie legen einen goldenen Glanz auf Szenen und Bilder längst vergangener Tage.


This wonderful book is about the Cape and especially about the romanticism during the year 1948, when it was first published.

Green's name is well known amongst Capetonians. Tavern of the Seas is full of anecdotal stories and descriptions with a vast historical background.

It captures the colonial spirit and the enthusiasm of the people during period when the British Royalty visited SA in 1948 and this was a major news story.

The south-westers, whales, wine, food, plants and animals, places like Table Mountain, Constantia, Falsebay and the Cape Flats, and obviously the people of the Cape live in this book.